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Hi. My name is Jeff Shibley and I appreciate you visiting my website. This site offers a source of desired information like no other medium out there presenting thousands of Colorado events and each event featured on multiple web page designations. Thanks to high Google search rankings, the website generates between 1500 to 2000 visitors per day who are interested in Colorado concerts, events, festivals and things to do. Keep in mind, you found my site and thousands of others are too. Best, Jeff Shibley,, 970-333-4601

Free Listings and Sponsored Listing/Ad Information

Fall 2017 Guide Rates  7¢ cost per click thru (This rate is valid for a limited time)
Popular fall events: Oktober festivals, Halloween, Haunted, Ghosts, Family, Festivals, Concerts, Art, Sports, Beer and more! Content includes: Leaf Peeping Scenic Drives

Winter 2017 Guide Rates cost per click thru (This rate is valid for a limited time)
Popular winter events: Ski & Snowboard, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Family, Festivals, Snowshoeing, concerts, apres ski - happy hour and many more! Contents includes: Sledding and tubing hills, ice skating rinks, ski area snow reports, snowshoeing areas, sledding areas, featured events, ski resort opening and closing days.

Maximum you pay is $25 per event

Previous advertiser results

  • Winter Park Alpine Art festival | Advertised from June 28 to July 25 | 157 total click thrus @ 7¢ per click  = total cost $10.99
  • Ride Festival (Telluride) | Advertised from May 3 to July 11 | 626 total click thrus @ 7¢ per click = $43.82 – TOTAL COST $25
  • Vegfest | Advertised from April 12 to July 23 | 352 total click thrus @ .07 = $24.64
  • Breckenridge Music Festival (8 concerts) | Advertised  from May 8 to Aug. 3 | 1218 total click thrus @ .07 = total cost $85

Stats are generated from Google Analytics and will be made available to any advertiser at any time

All advertisers receive:

  • Event listed at top of Home page, things to do page, area page, venue page and multiple appropriate category pages
  • Photo with listing
  • Links to website
  • Editorial
  • Map of directions to venue
  • Banner ads that rotate throughout the website
  • Banner ads in area photo slide show
  • Top of page slider that shows on home page, all area pages and all category pages at least one week before event take place (20K views per week)
  • Inclusion in social media posts
  • Inclusion in enewsletters

Sponsored listings and ads run from the day it’s submit it until the day it’s over. All you have to do is shoot me an email with a link to your event page and I’ll get you set up. I’ll send you a link to review your listing, Changes can be made at any time during the agreement. Please send the link to

Free Event Listings are accepted in exchange for good thoughts and kind words. A free event listing includes: Event Name, Event Date(s), Venue, City, One category page. Please send this information to

Cities, Resorts & Chambers – All city, resort and chamber advertisers will receive a “dressed up” area page with links to official website. If you have multiple events that are updated throughout the month and year, your website will be monitored and updates will be made at EiC as you make updates.

Venues & Promoters – All venue advertisers will receive a “dressed up” venue with links to official website. If you have multiple events that are updated throughout the month and year, your website will be monitored and updates will be made at EiC as you make updates.

Charitable events - I do donate sponsored ads and my time to some events where 100% of proceeds go to a charitable humanitarian cause (my definition). If your event donates 100% of its proceeds to charitable cause, I’ll do my research and if it meets my threshold, I’ll contact you and let you know that I donated a $25 sponsored ad. I try to be as generous as possible, but my donations are limited by time, space and finances.

If you're not an event advertiser but want to reach the vibrant , energetic, cosmopolitan, and active EiC audience? No problem. A program to fit your needs can

Agreement, Invoicing, and Payments –

  1. Single event advertisers will receive an agreement and asked to pay a deposit of $25.  
  2. Any difference will be refunded at the end of the agreement. For example, if your sponsored ad generates 150 click thrus from start to finish (150 * 7¢ = $10.50 total cost) you’ll receive a refund of $14.50. NO ADVERTISER WILL EVER PAY MORE THAN $25 PER EVENT even if your sponsored listing generates a thousand clicks. This is a special limited offer and may be withdrawn anytime.
  3. EiC Media has the right to refuse events we don’t deem cool and axceptional.

Strengths of an EIC Media sponsored multi-media package

  1. EIC Media is the best bang for your advertising dollar.
  2. Results are guaranteed.
  3. EIC Media does all the work!
  4. Compared to other websites EIC is easier to navigate, easier to read, offers more options for finding events and is the most complete Colorado event guide.
  5. EIC doesn't just list an event. EIC promotes and brands the area, resort, venue, and events.
  6. EIC media drives traffic to websites and sells tickets to events.
  7. Sponsored events are posted and promoted in social media and on the website.
  8. Sponsored events can be edited, changed or corrected at anytime.
  9. Sponsors receive 100% of the administrators attention.
  10. Advertisers are provided analytics anytime by request or at the end of the agreement.
  11. EIC Media puts heads in beds and seats in restaurants

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What previous advertisers have said

After spending thousands on larger, mainstream publications and media outlets, was the second most effective way we got the word out on our event, based on Google Analytic. Their reach is amazing in terms of "click throughs" and audience response to our listing was very gratifying. 
Stephanie Carson
Colorado Cider & Beer Circ

Thanks for sending this information (Analytics) and for all the help with promotions. I look forward to working with you again for our next festival.

Karlie McLaughlin
Marketing and Patron Engagement Breckenridge Music Festival

Thank you so much for this information (Analytics). We are certainly going to utilize your valuable promotions again next year. Let’s plan to re-connect in early June 2017.
Malinda Ratliff
Director of Marketing / Digital Marketing

"Events in Colorado has become a go to source for many people to find out about live music events all over the state.  We are customer's who also faithfully use and find out about other happenings via EIC on a daily basis.  The company has a very thorough database that you can always rely on!"
Mark Sundermeier,
Talent Buyer, Oriental Theater, Denver

Thanks, Jeff!  We will certainly use your site again.  We had GREAT turnout to this years event.  
LaNell Haydon
VegFest Colorado

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EIC in top 3 positons on Google search for important keywords relies on top of page organic search engine results. Top keywords that drive traffic to the site include: Colorado events, Colorado concerts, Colorado festivals, Colorado rodeos, Colorado fairs and carnivals, Colorado Springs events, Breckenridge events, Summit County events and many more. Click here to see where we come up on Google.

  • Colorado events
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  • Summit County events
  • and many more.

Click here to see where we come up on Google.

Traffic and analytics

Traffic is also driven to the site through sponsored Facebook posts and weekly enewsletters. (You can view a newsletter by clicking here). A Facebook sponsored listing drive 1200 to 2000 additional visitors to the site every week. Each Monday the "Things to do in Colorado" post is sponsored and each Tuesday "New Colorado concerts, events and Festivals Added this week" is also sponsored.

Traffic numbers to the most popular pages for the summer of 2016 looked like this:

June 1 to Aug. 31, 2016 Total pageviews 355,359

  1. /things-to-do-in-colorado 34,102 page views
  2. /ecategory/colorado-concerts 27,402 page views
  3. / 18,555 (Home page views)
  4. /ecategory/fairs-carnivals 15,621 page views
  5. /area/colorado-resort-and-towns 13,882 page views
  6. /area/colorado-springs 13,576 page views
  7. /basic-page/event-calendars 10,803 page views
  8. /ecategory/festivals 10406 page views
  9. /ecategory/air-show 8,630 page views
  10. /area/Breckenridge 9017 page views

(Looking for a specific analytic? Shoot an email to and he'll let you know.

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About the visitors

People tuning in to EIC Media are decision makers looking for things to do in Colorado. EIC Media effectively delivers an active audience with discretionary income. Sponsored listings are positioned in multiple high traffic locations for max exposure.

Age group
27.50% 18-24
33.50% 25-34
15.50%  35-44
12.50% 45-54
5.50%  55-64
5.50% 65+

45.85% female    54.15% Male

Top States
Colorado 63.15%
Texas 8.8%
Illinois 2.85%
California 2.68%

35% of visitors are returning visitors

Devices used
Mobile 55%
Desktop 34%
Tablet 9.8%

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