Vancouver nail salon is one of the best-rated places, and make an effort to comprehend your needs and do their level best to meet your expectations. The beauty techniques in this place are top-notch, and they continue to find more innovative products to come up with better services every day.

Services Offered


This is one of the most popular nail salon services that Vancouver nail salon offers. Generally, a manicure focuses on the fingernails. The nail salon is best rated for its customer service in manicures. They clip, shape nails and also pamper their clients to the level best.


Here, they focus on the feet and toes. Many people have not yet embraced this service of pampering the feet. The nail salon describes its service as another way of smoothing the feet’ skin. Just on a light touch of what they do, the client’s feet soak in a warm bath before scrubbing, massaging with lotion, and gently pampering the feet.

Our gel is a professional type of beauty service treatment for your nails and hands. It is similar to a regular pedicure, but instead of using traditional polish, gel is used. Gel nails are more durable than regular polish and can last up to two weeks. Gel pedicures are done frequently at nail salons. The first step is the removal of any previous acrylic polish or gel detail from the nails. Next, the nails are trimmed and shaped.

Nail Tips

Nail tips are plastic nail extensions that are glued on fingernails in different cuts and shapes. They do it according to every client’s preference. It can sometimes be covered with acrylic or gel to make it more durable.

Manicure Treatment With Hot Oil

This service involves soaking of nails in a tub containing essential oils. Similarly, this service also depends on preference. Regardless, Vancouver nail salon has the expertise to reach every client’s wants. The oil treatment soothes, moisturizes and has the power to offer tremendous healing of damaged nails and skin. 

Why They Are Considered First Class

The nail salon has guidelines that have made it among the best-rated nail salons in Vancouver.

The guidelines include:

Maintaining hygiene 

A friendly environment

Time observance 

Free consultation services for booking and follow-up of the services offered

Use of disposable tools for each client rather than the cleanable ones to avoid infections

High-quality nail services equipment

Range of Prices

Manicure goes for $22, and Pedicure goes for $35, Dipping powder with tips is $55. However, Vancouver nail salon massage service price depends on how long you want the service to be. In summary, the prices go as follows: Head Massage for $25, which lasts 30 minutes, Foot Massage for $25 for 30 minutes and finally, body Massage that costs $50 for 60 minutes.

Having covered those areas, Vancouver nail salon is the best place for a nail treat. They consider hygiene, customer service, as well as their prices are so pocket friendly. It is the perfect nail salon to be at.