Fractal Tribe: INaniMATE: Stories of the Justice System Through Circus Arts

Start Date:
November 15, 2019
End Date:
November 16, 2019
Fractal Tribe’s  circus theatre production INaniMATE (a combination of ‘inmate’ and ‘animate’) is a multimedia circus theatre show designed to present a balanced and honest exposition of the criminal justice system as experienced by inmates, victims, and justice workers alike. INaniMATE follows several narratives of individuals navigating through, and involved with, the criminal justice system. The material for this production, including spoken word, music, and personal stories, is being supplied by current or past inmates of the Boulder County Jail, victims and survivors of crime, and by police and courtroom figures involved with these individuals.
The intention of this show is to bring more awareness to stories and perspectives from people in our own community that might often go unseen. This is a collaboration with Boulder non-profit: Focus Reentry, whose mission is to promote successful second chances, reduce recidivism, and enhance the well-being and safety of our community.

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