Street Art Ink: From the Body to the Wall

Street Art Ink: From the Body to the Wall explores the intersection of tattoo and mural art. Denver artists Casey Kawaguchi and Sandi Calistro transform the third floor of the McNichols Civic Center Building with impactful murals inspired by tattoo art and honoring the tattoo tradition. Kawaguchi’s bold mural style is unmistakably influenced by his Japanese heritage and the rich history of tattooing in Japan. Sandi Calistro, a tattoo artist and muralist, transforms what she considers the “most intimate form of art” to a larger than life image that still captures the emotional and personal aspect of permanent body art. The work of body art photographer Richard Todd from Los Angeles captivates and engages his audience highlighting the beauty of this magnificent art form. His images of people wearing art by some of the best tattoo artists from around the globe have been featured in publications worldwide and can be found in numerous museum collections in the United States, Europe and Asia. He continues to be a major contributing photographer for Tattoo Life Magazine.
Exhibit-related programming will include a runway show of 20 tattoo models. Seymon Gurule, the featured fashion designer, will be working to unify the models in hair, makeup and attire to fully highlight each model’s tattoos. Special guest emcee TBA.
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