Have you ever heard about the tug of war? When you first heard about this game, what crossed your mind? This article will enlighten you about this game and, more significantly, how to select the best quality tug of war rope and its management Hemp Rope Made by Ravenox. 

although the origin of tug of war is unclear, history states that the tug of war game was primarily played in the ancient rituals and religious ceremonies by people. Archaeologists state that Indians were the pioneers of this game. Later, countries like Greece and Egypt, and Colombia, among others, embraced the game and started playing it. Today, the game is played almost in every nation across the globe. Are you interested in this game? Well, continue reading this article to get enlightened on some of the factors you should consider before purchasing and how to take good care of tug of war rope.

Diameter and length of the rope 

Although there are many types, buying the right tug of war rope is vital. Depending on who will use the rope, either young or adults, one should consider the diameter or the length of the rope. Therefore, depending on the purpose, one should have an overview of the different lengths of these ropes. The lengths of these ropes should range from 50ft to 100ft. on the other hand, the diameter should range between 1.25cm to1.5 cm.

The material used to make the ropes 

depending on the companies of your choice, one should know the different materials used to make a tug of war rope. Therefore, before purchasing a rope made up of poor-quality materials, you should consider rope made of either manila or polyethylene. They are among the best ropes. Most people recommend these types of ropes because they reduce friction when playing the tug of war

management of tug of war ropes 

  • Avoid letting it wet 

studies show that water is lethal to materials used to make tug-of-war ropes. To make a tug of war rope last longer, one should try keeping it in a place free from water contact. Although most of these ropes have water-resistant qualities, one should keep them away from wet environments.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for a more extended period 

Sunlight is the other major problem to the tug of war rope. If you want your rope to last for many years, learn to avoid storing them in areas exposed to the sun. Materials used to make tug of war ropes get easily destroyed by sunlight; hence exposing these ropes to the sun shortens the life span.

  • Avoid or limit abrasions 

Although ropes are prone to abrasions, one should try as much as possible to avoid or limit these abrasions. 

To conclude, the tug of war is an exciting game; therefore, one should consider some factors when purchasing a tug of war rope and its management to avoid unnecessary expenses in purchasing the ropes regularly.